Sun Soul: Got Acne & Wrinkles? Wear Sports Shirt

Skincare has come a long, long way since Macy’s started selling creams and potions on their floor at the turn of the century (some in unbranded packages too). We’ve seen gels, creams, potions and sprays grace the glass shelves of department stores that offer us a million choices for what we want and need.

And ultimately, everyone who loves their skin wants a product with clock-like efficiency with the easy breeziness of a Microwaveable dinner.

SunSoul YeloMod

So here’s a toast to the makers of Sun:Soul, which has efficiently harnessed the power of sunlight through fabric to heal your skin from acne and wrinkles. We’ve harnessed everything in the world from wind, to light to water — it makes sense that the sunlight is next, right? Naturally!

SunSoul BluMod

We chatted with Dr Lori Brightman from the Laser & Skin Center for Surgery in New York, who said that she firmly believes and supports this new high-tech product. It comes in two light packages: one for yellow, and the other for blue light. The blumod is a solution for blemished skin and is a deliciously soft, lightweight and breathable fabric that treats your acne.

You can kiss those Accutane appointments goodbye – because with blumod tees and visors, you’re using natural energy to battle those zits.

This is the way it works: dense polymer matrix blocks harmful UV rays of sunlight (think of it as thick filters) and fluorescent compounds in the material convert this light into a beneficial, energizing skin doctor. The flow of sunlight triggers a process called Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT). Blue light reacts with oxygen and tiny molecules generated by skin bacteria (porphyrins), suppress bacterial growth.

This may all sound so Organic Chemistry, but it works (they’ve done studies, darlings, to back all this chemistry stuff up.).

The yelomod uses — you guessed it — yellow light to deliver benefits to the skin (same way as mentioned above). But this time instead of curing acne, it will even out your wrinkles. And yes it’s not as goopy as clearasil.

You can wear this just as you would your sports tee. “It’s clothes therapy for your skin,” says Dr. Brightman. “It’s SPF in clothing and it’s very beneficial.”

Sounds like a living dream (and even better than the one Joseph had about his Technicolor Dreamcoat). All you have to do is wear the clothing in the sun for a few hours a week.

Get your sun filtration sports wear at;; or Certain Fitness Centers like Club H Fitness are already carrying this, and Dr. Brightman thinks many more med spas will start carrying this “smart” sportswear soon.

Oh, and one other thing. Don’t wear it on rainy days (or visit Alaska during the dead of winter and expect to look like Dr. Zizmor). Even the working sun needs a break now and then.

Charu Suri