SweetSpot's Bidet Hits the Spot

How does one describe that time of the month?There’s nothing (for me at least), that makes me cringe like the words “I have my period.” Not even the words “You may be about to die,” or “Your horoscope’s not looking so hot,” or even “He didn’t return my phone calls.”

Why did God have to do this to the women? Well, obviously because we can take it (imagine a man going through this monthly ordeal…he’d probably go through a gender transformation).

So, when Sweet Spot Labs’Bidet in a Bottle,” surfaced in the market (it aims to freshen up the sweet spot –aka your Betty–during that time of month), I felt as enthusiastic as Ryan Seacrest does when someone recognizes him as a celeb.

So, how does this sweetness work?

You get a plastic bottle which you fill up with water, and then put a packet of “Spot Clean” liquid and shake hard. The “Shower Power” liquid comes with 7 refreshing Basil Grapefruit fragranced packettes.

Then you drizzle the entire liquid contents of the bottle over your sweet spot while standing in the shower or sitting on the can (okay–the process is not ladylike, but the rewards are unbeatable). You get a sweet-smelling Betty and a refreshed one, and can I tell you that I’ll take that any day.

A Starter Kit retails for $20 at www.sweetspotlabs.com