Tarte Fall Collection Highlights

Like many women, I’m a sucker for great packaging. In fact, the packaging attracts me first (it’s the same feeling I get while eyeing the juicy runway colors: who cares if the dresses are wearable? They look good on the mannequin).

This is the feeling I got when I looked at Tarte Cosmetics‘ Fall collection (available at Sephora, aka the Land of Good N Plenty).

Look at the Eye Couture Day to Night Palette! It has glam and economy of scale stamped all over its pretty body ($44). You get 10 shadows (five bronze and five charcoal colors) in the traditional house of quilted metallic that Tarte is so well known for. And this house now comes with a gold lock so you can live your “Dear Diary” days.

The Lip Couture set ($35) makes me think of Kirsten Dunst on the set of Marie Antoinette. Have you seen it? Rich, luxurious, royal…of course we want to have that photo finish effect every minute of the day, and I personally think a little lippie can do the trick. The shades are aura: deep brick red; eden: nude beige; paradise: sheer peachy-nude; utopia: warm mauve berry).

The Berry Couture set ($35) is an all natural lip and cheek set that screams hippie and stylish in one fell swoop. I dig that fuschia color! It brightens my day psychedelic…