The Best Beauty Accessory: Five Easy Tips For A Picture Perfect Smile

We spend so much time obsessing with our makeup, clothes and everything else, but sometimes, a winning smile is all it takes. Check out these easy to implement tips from Dr. Alex Gause, D.D.S. of Smile Design Manhattan. And don’t forget to say “cheddar”!

1. Replacing your normal mouthwash with a rinse that adds a whitening benefit, or carrying a whitening pen with you that can be applied after meals or drinks that may cause staining.

2. Cool those drinks down! A hot cup of coffee is as American and baseball and apple pie. But sipping hot coffee leads to this major stain causing agent to sit on your teeth for a longer period of time than necessary. An alternative is to drink iced coffee, or iced tea, through a straw. This bypasses those front teeth that you use to present your face to the world while still giving you that jolt of caffeine that you need to start your day or keep you going after lunch!

3. Monitor your eating habits. We all know the idea that eating candy leads to cavities, but the relationship between diet and dental health is more complicated. The simple act of eating causes an increase in acidity in the oral cavity, which contributes to the breakdown of enamel. The good news is that our body, through saliva, naturally counteracts this. Eating more frequently lengthens the time that our teeth are exposed to an acidic environment, putting them more at risk of decay. The take home message, frequent snacking can cause higher risk for tooth decay.

4. Brushing before bed. Don’t fall to the temptation to just fall asleep. During the night our mouths produce less of the saliva that is our natural defense against decay and gum disease. Forgetting to brush means plaque and bacteria have a better environment to wreak havoc on our teeth and gums.

5. No Smoking! In our image conscious society, smoking has recently become popular as an appetite suppressant, or in other words, a way to keep the pounds off. But this approach compromises the beauty and health of your teeth and gums in an effort to stay trim. Smoking is one of the worst contributors to surface staining that we are aware of, and is a recognized risk factor to the development of periodontal disease, a disease that eats away at your gums and bones supporting your teeth. As an alternative to cigarettes, try controlling your appetite with healthy alternative such as fruits, nuts, and water.

How do you maintain your winning smile? To check out more tips and beauty product recommendations for a sparkling set of teeth, click here.

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