The Body Shop Pure Detox Clarifying Clay Mask

This clay mask, which includes ingredients like wasabi, algae and Dead Sea mud, leaves skin feeling fresh while simultaneously purifying and cleansing. The application is simple and the directions state to apply on to wet skin and rinse after 15 minutes. You smooth the clay over your body and although the directions do not state that it cannot be used for the face, I would stay clear of attempting to do so: the clay warms on contact and if it is applied on the face, that warm feeling can become downright fiery. I applied the product to my body including my legs, arms and décolleté. The clay has a pleasant spicy aroma with a hint of mint. After 15 minutes I decided to hop in the shower for a rinse. As the water washed away the clay, I immediately noticed my skin was softer, even after I dried off, my skin remained silky smooth without having to apply any additional moisturizer or lotion. This product is great as a weekly at home skin treatment giving your body the beauty detox it needs after a week of stress.