Profound Beauty Glossary Shine Cream

Achieving shiny hair that isn’t greasy is no easy task.

Usually it’s all or nothing; either your hair is dry as a bone or too shiny to leave the house without a hat. We actually discovered Profound Beauty Glossary Shine Cream after hopping out of the shower and searching for a product that could stabilize our curls before we ran out the door. Made of silicones and botanical oils that target the hair’s cuticles, Glossary Shine Cream is a base that protects against the scalding heat from dryers and flat-irons. It gives hair a shield against the harmful beauty tools we use every day, but still provides a head full of light-reflecting hair that doesn’t look unwashed. We even use it on dry hair to control frizz before flat-ironing. Hydrating your hair while keeping it glossy and residue free? Now that’s profound.