The Craziest Beauty Trends We’ve Seen

From Chocolate Fondue wraps to Leech Detox, each year there is always some new crazy beauty trend that sweeps the country (and even world). I love trying new trends just as much as the next beauty product lover but there is a time when a beauty expert must say “No”.

Vajazzling. We’ve heard this for a couple of years now but this crazy beauty trend just doesn’t seem to go away. For some reason, women LOVE to decorate “down there” with crystals.Um, I don’t know about you but I’d rather my vajayjay not look like a disco ball. I say “If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it”, keep your bedazzler away from me.



Mila Kunis has caused a recent uproar with her pre- Golden Globe facial. Oh, it ONLY cost $7,000. You read that right. No extra zeros. $7,000! She didn’t necessarily pay for this…she was more of the guinea pig for her aesthetician’s new product..Mila’s aesthetician, Scott-Vincent Borba is creating a new ruby and diamond peel facial. The real diamonds and rubies are supposed to help create a fresh glow on your face, neck,chest, hands and arms. Whatever happened to just wearing diamonds and rubies on your fingers? Do you know what kind of shopping spree I could have for $7,000?


Nothing really surprises me anymore when it comes to the unbelievable ingredients in some of the products on the market. Feces in your facial anyone? The Geisha Facial at the Shizuka Day Spa in New York City is designed to create a glow similar to the Japanese Geishas. The special ingredient that makes this happen? Nightingale droppings. The droppings are supposed to break dead skin cells and cleanse the face. I consider myself a trendy person and am normally willing to try all sorts of new products and services on the market but this….I don’t think so.


In Israel, spas are using snakes for therapeutic massage. Oh please do not let this beauty trend hit the States. If so, I will stay far away from that spa. According to to those familiar with the practice, large snakes produce a calm,kneading sensation while small garden snakes provide a gentle caress. I get chills down my spine thinking about this. I’ll just stick with my biweekly deep tissue massage provided by a human. Snakes belong in the outdoors, not on my body.

So, what are the craziest beauty trends you’ve seen? Would you let a snake slither over your body in hopes it would relieve tension? Would you bedazzle your vajajay or keep the jewels away from your nether region? We want to know!

~Amelia Keith, Editor of PrettyintheQueenCity.Com

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