Organic Beauty Resolutions for 2014 – How To Look And Feel Beautiful

“Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be.” – Marsha Petrie Sue

Most New Year’s resolutions are about spending less, staying happy, and doing more good to the Earth. Many get discouraged and give up on resolutions, but as your organic beauty voice of reason, I promise to coach you through this.

You see, 2014 is going to be the year of healthy, safe, affordable beauty choices. Green is the new black, and baby, it looks good on you!

Now that the economy is slooowly turning around, smart beauty brains know that it is not the time to get into unhealthy spending modes. However, many still have the notion that they only way to get organic and natural beauty products is to drop hard earned money in exchange for small amounts of product. Not the case, my dear. This year, I am going to show you how you can go about the year looking glam, feeling healthy, and knowing you are doing it all in the name of organic beauty.

Make Economical Choices:


First off, 2014 is going to be where people count their costs. No one wants to see or experience a hardship as the economy did over the last five years. So this year, keep any eye out for organic beauty that fits a blue collar budget; items that you can use every day. My choice for an everyday body lotion is Pharmacopia.

At just $11.99 for an 8oz bottle, you can enjoy a hydrating, non-greasy lotion rich in organic shea butter, organic aloe vera, and organic avocado oil that lasts all day. Pick a scent that tickles your desires and go about your way with smooth skin, no synthetic fragrances, toxin-free, and even packaged on recycled content. Its one thing you can use every day to better your skin and reduce your carbon footprint in 2014.

Indulge in Spa-Like Treatments In the Comfort of Your Home


Next up, 2014 is going to be about getting spa like skincare in the comfort of your own home. Who has time to book and actually go for a $100 facial these days?

However, it doesn’t mean your skin should forgo the treatment all together. Enjoy healthy skincare, on your time (and your dime) with products from Sanitas. Sanitas means “good health” in Latin, and that is exactly what your skin needs this year. The products combine biogenic ingredients found naturally in your skin. It’s the perfect formula to reduce the signs of aging, in a safe, affordable way.

I love the fresh, gentle feeling of the Lemon Cream Cleanser and the Lemon Cream Scrub (5oz/$29, 5oz/$32, The professional skincare line based in Boulder, Colorado is a pharmacist formulated line packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Plus, it works on all skin types. My sensitive skin could not feel more relaxed and refreshed every time I use these products. And a little goes a long way. It’s a great way to get that “spa-like” cleaning at a convenient price.

A Healthy Diet

whole foods

My final outlook on 2014 is what every organic gal needs to incorporate into their natural skincare routine: a healthy diet. You’ve heard me talk about the changes coming to Whole Foods before (if you need a refresher, visit my editorial here )

However, all this beauty talk means nothing if you don’t start with a healthy diet. What we put in our bodies is just as important as what we put on our bodies. That is why I love the fact that Whole Foods will begin rolling out a new selection of healthier prepared foods and nutritional scorecards for all us gals-on-the-go! It’s a great way to select prepared and baked goods that meet new criteria like no refined flour, sugar, etc.

The nutritional scorecards will help shoppers pick foods that have the most nutrients per calorie. Plus, healthy shoppers can expect to find more nutritional tips, tours, and demonstrations throughout the year. Why does this matter?

According to, the United States of America had an obesity rate of 30.6% in 2010. Obesity leads to high blood pressure, diabetes, high stress, low activity intake, poorer health conditions, etc. And it also affects your skin, hair, and nails dolls!

That’s why 2014 is going to be the year of healthier choices, which in the long run, leave you with more money in the pocket, which makes you a happy gal. So let’s raise a cup of tea, a glass of red wine, or a bottle of lemon water to a healthy, happy, naturally gorgeous you in 2014! Now stick to it!

TessMarie Golcher

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