The Whole Truth and Nothing But: Solutions for Bar Soap Phobia

With Hallowe’en around the corner, I began thinking about what really scares me. Of course, the usual came to mind: spiders, scary movies, running into ex-boyfriends. But in the world of beauty, what really frightens me are bars…of soap.

Yup, I get chills down my spine when someone gives me a bar of soap. In past experiences, they seem to do me no good. The end result was usually my dry, icky skin begging to be washed with a product worthy of it. However, all this changed the moment I was handed a Whole Truth Solutions Healthy Beauty Bath Bar (

Founded by Teresa and Frank Bebla in 2008, these bars are simply divine! I love the fact that they pride the bars on being “perfectly imperfect” since each are handmade with the best stuff around, making all bars different in shape, size, and texture. Then they are cured for a minimum of four weeks before being packaged in 100% recycled material (it’s organic love at first wash).

And best of all, each bar comes with a customized name. So far, I’m no longer afraid, thanks to “Yellow Brick Road.” Although it contains yummy avocado oil, turmeric root, and pure oils of lemongrass and ginger, it was the exfoliating poppy seeds that won my trust. They turned this palm-sized bar into a gentle body scrubber. No need to be rough; just glide the bar across your bod, and you’re left with smooth, hydrated skin.

Thanks to the natural teas, organic oils, butters and herbs found in every bar, my skin’s moisture levels rose. I use it both in the morning and at night for a healthy glow (and that’s before I apply moisturizer).

If that’s not your cup of tea, try “Lemon Sense” or “Along the Shore.” There are over 20 bars to choose from at just $7/bar. See, beauty bars are not so scary after all.

TessMarie Golcher

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