The Year in Hair: The Best and the Worst Hair Products of 2010

You know how a high school yearbook inadvertently encapsulates the best and the worst of your hair decisions? The messed-up perm you wore to junior prom, your impeccable blowout for graduation. Well, we here at feel that the end of a year, like the end of high school, is a great occasion to look back on the best and the worst of the hair products that reigned in 2010.

The Shining Stars (aka, What Worked For Us)

Avon’s Lotus Shield: Avon’s first anti-frizz product quickly became a favorite of magazine editors everywhere for its uncanny ability to deliver what it promised. The key to the Lotus Shield? Building a waterproof layer on your hair that helps repel moisture and protect against humidity. We love how it made our hair look fabulous!

Carousel Strands Straight Away Pro Cordless Flat Iron: When tested this revolutionary portable, cordless flat iron, we were amazed by its easy use and ability to remember your preferred heat settings. Easy and convenient hair styling for the on-the-go girl? We could get used to that!

TRESemmé Fresh Start Line: Dry shampoo has long been a busy gal’s best friend. Let’s be honest, ladies, anything that gets your second-day hair an extra boost is a miracle in our books! TRESemmé’s new Fresh Start line introduced a fabulous new dry shampoo, a no-frizz crème, a refreshing mist, and a waterless foam shampoo. Even better? All the products are formulated with Mineral Clay to eliminate odor and remove buildup.

A Trend Towards Healthier Hair: Sulfate-Free and Organic Hair Care Reign Supreme: As makeup companies have started to make healthier products a priority—think paraben-free products and organic materials—hair care companies have started to jump on the bandwagon too. Sulfate-free and organic hair products that are better for you and your hair have been popping up right and left on the shelves of your favorite store. Notable products? L’Oreal Paris’ Hair Expertise Everstrong Shampoo.

TouchBack Gray Markers: There were so many hair coloring innovations in 2010, but none we loved quite as much as the genius “felt-tip” marker temporary hair color fix, TouchBack. Not surprisingly, the winner of several prestigious beauty awards, this elegant portable marker comes in various shades and gives your hair color a temporary “touch up” (the color washes away with shampooing). In this era of pricey salon coloring options, this is a Mensa Award winner.

The Products and Trends We Didn’t Quite Love So Much…

The Brazilian Blowout: Ever heard the phrase “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”? Well, my hair-obsessed friends, the Brazilian Blowout—once the darling of the hair care world—has fallen victim to this age-old adage.

In case you’ve been too busy perfecting your hairdo (hey, we won’t judge!) to read up on this controversy, the Brazilian Blowout once promised smooth, frizz-free, straight hair. Sound good? Yep, we thought so, too. But what sounded even better was the promise of a formaldehyde-free treatment to keep our hair and our bodies healthy.

Well, sooner than not it was revealed that the Brazilian Blowout did indeed contain traces of the dangerous formaldehyde. And so, the honeymoon was over. Lesson to be learned, ladies? Think before you try the “newest, hottest” thing to hit hair care.

The Plain O’le Tacky

Bumpits: Ever since pint-sized Snooki and her out-of-this-world pouf hit the Jersey Shore, we’ve been questioning our feelings about the return of big hair. While bigger can be better, it can also be tacky when done the wrong way. With the Jersey Shore hotter than ever, poufs popped up everywhere this year, including all over store shelves and online shopping carts for the Halloween season. After so much hair, we’re sort of over it, though.

Do you have a hair product you think we missed? Share it with us and we will do our best to expand the selections. Hope you have a great hair day in 2011!

Chrissy Callahan

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