Top Tips to Save on Amazing Make-Up Looks

Top Tips to Save on Amazing Make-Up Looks

Top Tips to Save on Amazing Make-Up Looks
Top Tips to Save on Amazing Make-Up Looks

We all love to look good, but as any beauty addict knows, the tools of the trade that are required for that perfect look can quickly, and eye wateringly, add up. When you are trying to look fabulous and keep tabs on your bank balance it can see like an impossible task. Here are our favourite tips to make your money go further, your make-up looking on point and not go into a catatonic state when viewing your bank balance after a particularly ferocious outing to Sephora.

Top Tips to Save on Amazing Make-Up Looks
Don’t waste a drop

Good quality make-up is like liquid gold, so make sure you aren’t throwing money into the bin when you discard your almost done tubes, bottles and cases. It is amazing how much make-up can seep into the nooks and crannies of their packaging. Make sure to get your money’s worth by using absolutely ever last drop of the good stuff. Be prepared, and purchase some empty, refillable make-up tubs. A quick browse on Amazon or even your local make-up shop will yield some great results for smallish containers that you can de-pot your make-up into; contact lens cases are also a great option. Some of our favourite tricks are:

  • For products that come in flexible tubes cut those puppies up to scoop out every last drop of moisturiser or lotion.
  • You can easily lose 2-3 weeks’ worth of loose powder products to the creases at the bottom of the tub, run a (clean) coin along the outer and inner edge of the packaging to get the powder out and then decant it into a smooth sided container.
  • If your eye shadow, blush or face powder has cracked you can make it good as new again by adding a few drops of rubbing alcohol and then pressing it back into its normal smooth shape.
  • Make the final drops of your favourite perfume last by adding it to an unscented body lotion for an all over scent.

Top Tips to Save on Amazing Make-Up Looks
Recycle packaging

Talking about packaging, did you know that many of your favourite brands actively reward you for bringing back empty containers?

  • MAC : Bring back 6 MAC containers to get a free lipstick.
  • Kiehl’s: Each empty container you return earns you a stamp, the more stamps you have the better the reward.
  • Lush: Return 5 pots to receive a free Fresh Face Mask.
  • Origins: Will take ANY brand of cosmetics’ empty packaging and reward you with a free sample of one of their products.

Top Tips to Save on Amazing Make-Up Looks

Look for the deals

For the time when your champagne tastes don’t quite match up with your fizzy wine budget look for deals and discounts that will help get that big-name brand tube of mascara or ridiculously expensive, but ridiculously good foundation into your hands for less.

  • Sign up for discount and loyalty cards: If you are a regular shopper the savings these cards can offer adds up, not to mention that they usually give you first access to special offers and sales.
  • Go online: There is a wealth of savings to be found on the internet, search for beauty deals and see if you can get money off with vouchers like these, your bank balance will certainly thank you.
  • On the High Street: Shops like TK Maxx can be a goldmine of goodies if you have the patience and perseverance to check back regularly and do some rifling. Stock up on out of season shades from your favourite shops to use when the appropriate season comes back around.

Follow these tips and your bank balance will be looking as good as you. Got a great tip of your own? Be sure to share it with us.

-BeautyStat Editorial Team