(Trend Report): New York Fashion Week Fall/ Winter 2011 Nail Color Trends

New York Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Week is over, but oh how the sparks remain. So many colors and choices. How do you sort through all of the sequins and take the guess work out of what will become the must have trends of the season?Here, we make a few upcoming choices on what we think will carry over from the runway to the freeway, from NY to LA. Beautystat staffers can spot a heat wave a mile away, and here are our picks for what’s sizzling hot for nail looks this fall. Minx- like patterns ruled the runway, from a Cleopatra-like gold tipped nails, to swirls of ivory and black.

Issaquah Plateau Broadway Nails

Issaquah Plateau Broadway Nails

Our version of Minx using Broadway Nails

Jen Kao Nails Fall Winter 2011 Trends

Jen Kao Fall Winter 2011

Jen Kao’s swirls of lapis: At this show, it was all about the color wattage. Think tips of gold and lapis blue swirls. Want to get a look like this at home? Try the great looks at milanicosmetics.com. Another great way to get the Minx look at home is with Broadway Nails Nail Dress Kit. There are 28 nail wraps that you simply peel, apply, and shape to your nail. ($5.49, at most stores and at broadwaynails.com).

Reds and Burgundys make a comeback again this fall (think “Dragon Lady” nails). For an audacious use of bling, check out The Blonds 2011 Fall/ Winter nails form CND.

Jason Wu Nails Fall Winter 2011 New York Fashion Week

Jason Wu Fall/ Winter 2011

Blood red nails that are dressed to the nines: Jason Wu’s majestic, baroque nails were out in full force. Roxanne Valinoti from Creative Nail Design created gilded burgundy manicures using Dark Ruby layered with Bloodline, and gilded with Gold Chrome smile lines. These manicures matched slicked back ponytails with a flash of gold leaf.

Jenni Kayne Fall Winter 2011 Fashion Week Nails

Jenni Kayne Fall/ Winter 2011

“Grown- Up Grunge” was the theme for Jenni Kayne: Angi Wingle created a blushing taupe manicure using one coat of nude opaque Desert Suede, layered with Copper Shimmer, washed out with a coat of semi-sheer patina Rose Water and topped with Super Matte. This grown-up grunge nail accentuated poppy magenta lips and stick-straight locks. All polishes from CND.

So the trends for the fall nails include shades with a touch of extra: a little bling here, a “French Mani” using black lacquer there. Some of these nail lacquers are so elaborate that you’re probably best set to go with a Minx look. Tell us, which ones are some of your favorites? Is there a look you’d try more than most?

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-Elaine Hamilton

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