(Review) H2O Plus AquaFirm Eye Lift Concentrate for Puffiness and Dark Circles

I have always found that marine-based skin care has yielded significant benefits to my skin. Deep-sea nutrients are nourishing, therapeutic and calming. There’s also a hydration component in marine-based skincare that is second to none. We have written previously about H2O Plus, and now we take a look at their latest launch: the Aquafirm line.

As the name suggest, the deep sea nutrients in this line aim to lift and correct signs of aging — and that too, on contact.

H20Plus Aquafirm Eye Lift Concentrate

The line has several stars, including the Micro-collagen moisturizer (a firming face cream), the Eye Lift Concentrate, and the Intensive Lift Serum. We reviewed the Eye Lift Concentrate and were impressed at its mother of pearl shine and light reflective properties. Put a dab of this under your eyes, and they instantly look brighter, as though a bright spot of sunlight radiates from them.

It is a fast-acting formula (I saw results virtually overnight: our puffiness had subsided, and our dark circles had dramatically disappeared). Yes, dramatically. It’s truly that good.

It works by fortifying the under eye area with vital moisture, softening expression lines, and making the skin more taut. For $36 I think this is of exceptional value, and probably one the best under eye concentrates I have ever tested.

Dark circles can plague many, and there are several products that claim effectiveness but fall short of the mark. One of the ingredients in the Aquafirm line is caffeine, which visibly reduces puffiness and circles.

The texture is light and the mother of pearl light-reflective nature of this cream is pretty addicting, too.

Have you tried the Aquafirm line? Do you worry about your dark circles? What have you done to fix this? Leave a comment below.

– Charu Suri

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