Trendy Trapper Hats: Protect Your Hair From The Damaging Cold Of Winter

Trendy Trapper Hats: How To Protect Your Hair From The Damaging Cold Of Winter

Winter may be a great season for the fashionable, what with the cooler weather making it possible to experiment with layers of different fabrics. But women often neglect how the cold temperatures can leave hair damaged and frizzy.

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Dr. Debra Price, MD of ChickRX says that the cold, frigid air of the winter months can cause static build-up in your hair, which could lead to excessive breakage. Hair is much more fragile in the winter, so it’s important to make sure you keep it moisturized and, when you go out, tucked under a nice, warm hat.

Luckily for the trend-watchers out there, hat designs are constantly being churned out. And while many designers have resorted to the common bobble hat or beanie, there is one kind of hat that has been taking the fashion world by storm: the trapper hat.

Trendy Trapper Hats: Protect Your Hair From The Damaging Cold Of Winter: ReviewFashionable, non-damaging for your hair and keeps you warm!

When a trapper hat by M&S showed up in an Elle UK feature on 6 of the Best Winter Hats, hardly anyone was surprised. Trapper hats are a hit this year, as it contains all the elements that the Irish Independent reports to be popular: animal print, faux fur and leather.

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For the uninitiated, trapper hats are a cross between an aviator’s cap and a Russian ushanka — furry on the top, with flaps to cover the ears. The general shape of the hat keeps it from falling off, and the flaps can keep the ears nice and toasty.

The trapper hat is ideal for those who want to protect their hair, but still stay stylish, as some trapper hat designs have flaps that can reach down past one’s shoulders. Instead of tucking all of your hair into a beanie, or wrapping it all up in a scarf, consider investing in a nice, fashionable trapper hat — it’s guaranteed to be the next big thing!

Will you beauties be investing in a trapper hat? Do you already have one?

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