Vamp: Lippie of the Moment

It was a dark and stormy night. The people could see ghosts in their breath and auras in every shadow. The wind blew the candles out and the vampires came out and starting distributing Urban Decay lipsticks.Or so the story goes.

Fall is all about sporting that glossy, vampy, I’m-so-shiny look, and I love the Urban Decay lippies “Apocalypse” and “Gravity” to inspire you to look black blooded the coming season.

Other UD lippie colors you may love include “Gash” (blood red, what else?); Buzzkill (dark rose), and Requiem. They all sound totally uplifting, don’t they?

Hey, and the cute dagger isn’t real, no matter how tempted you may feel about sticking one into your ex.

$22 each at and (shown below are “Apocalypse” and “Gravity”)