Ways to Wear Limited Edition MAC "Black Knight" Black Lipstick

For the second time in a row, M.A.C. Cosmetics debuts the Limited Edition Black Knight lipstick that goes on sale today, on Black Friday.

Black Knight MAC Cosmetics Black Lipstick

From Style Black to Black Knight, M.A.C. has never shied away from bringing out the bold, daring tones of the runway to real life. Remember how we showed you that Clinique’s Black Honey was their fall 2011 collection? Contrary to what you may think, black lipstick is totally a look you could —and should–be able to pull off with ease. Here are some tips and tricks that M.A.C. makeup artist Keri B. gives you to wear this shade like a pro:

  • For something more subdued try staining your lip by tapping onto your lip with your finger (Keri B.);
  • Put it in and then blot it off for the perfect berry stain #macblacknight+ runaway red (Keri B.)

As you can see from Keri’s tips, you don’t have to use Black Knight solo; top off the color with your perfect berry stain and use it as a base, or just blot the lipstick onto the lips.

The black lipstick trend didn’t really hit mainstream status until 2008 when the look started showing up on the runway for Yves Saint Laurent show (remember the YSL Beauté Pur Black gloss?), but that doesn’t mean the goths weren’t rocking the look way back when. Now, several brands offer dark lipstick, including CoverGirl.

Dark lipstick paired with a red or berry is very attractive, and not something I would have expected to do with black lipstick. Why not give it a whirl?

Hurry, M.A.C. Black Knight is on sale ONLY today online, for Black Friday for $14.50.

Charu Suri

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