We're Obsessing Over: Melvita Organics

Is it possible to fall in love with the first wash? Absolutely yes: a 27-year old organic company from France has convinced us of this.

Bernard Chevilliat, a beekeeper and lover of nature, founded the company with lofty standards. The word “Melvita” has a sweet sound to it, and is a reference to life and honey. We can think of several delicious words that spring from the name: mellifluous, melange, melodic….

Melvita organics, eco-cert skincare

The range of products from this line is as vast and spectacular as a beach in Nice: from the Lavender Floral water that I spray on my pillow each night (the waters are made by distilling fresh or dried flowers and plants) to the vast, highly-effective and gentle oils the line offers for practically every concern from anti-aging to cellulite, Melvita is an organic country. I had never before heard of Ximenia oil, or Sisymbrium Oil (for radiant skin), but you’ll find these among the essential oil archives.

What is great about the line is that it’s completely organic and also bears the Eco-Cert label. Here are some of our absolutely favorite products:

Melvita organics, eco-cert skincare

For Young Skin: I’ve been using the Perfecting Cream ($29) with birch, goji and AHA. The name doesn’t lie: my skin looked like that of a teenager before I started using it and ended up ad-worthy in a few days. It’s so gentle and the smell is so GARDEN.

Melvita organics, eco-cert skincare

Beehive Products: Melvita makes honey! Since Chevilliat is a bee-keeper, the line carries gorgeous jars filled with thick, luscious forms of honey, from orange tree to lime tree honey. I received a jar of this fabulous stuff from Melvita and loved the quality, taste and consistency — more than anything, I really appreciated the fact that you can get HONEY in an organic beauty line! That’s like getting techno clothing at Ann Taylor. Props to Melvita for sneaking in a little sweetness to our beauty routines.

Melvita organics, eco-cert skincare

Melvita for Men: From the shaving cream (birch sap, people) to the facial cleansing gel, this line knows how to please the Y chromosome. It is so good that I’ve been stealing my man’s shower gel every day because, frankly — it’s a ZINGER!!

There are so many more options in the entire line: think of the products like a map of France (including stuff for moms, several organic fragrances, shea butters and supplements). You’d want to visit more than one place, right?

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Charu Suri