What Is A Cleanse Diet? How To Best Cleanse Your Body In A Healthy Way And Still Lose Weight

What Is A Cleanse Diet? How To Best Cleanse Your Body In A Healthy Way And Still Lose Weight

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To cleanse, or not to cleanse. That is the question! Celebrity nutritionist and author of The Beauty Detox Solution, Kimberly Snyder shares with us her knowledge and wisdom on how to cleanse the right way! Kimberly is happy to announce the launch of her Kimberly Snyder’s Glow Bio smoothie shop, this one-of-a-kind cleanse experience embodies Kimberly’s unique wellness philosophies and will fuel your body with the most bio-nutrient ingredients you need to rebalance and exude vibrant beauty from the inside out. Read on to find out how to improve a healthier you… one sip at a time!

Cleansing 101

In general, a cleanse is a short program of cutting normal food intake while increasing the supply of vital enzymes and vitamins. Your body may need support transitioning and maintaining healthy, long-term lifestyle shifts.

Properly designed cleanses can also be helpful when you feel you need to break food addictions and need help getting back on track when you’ve fallen far away from an ideal diet.

A cleanse should never be undertaken with the sole purpose to crash diet or lose a lot of weight quickly. Strict juice programs that advertise cleanses as such are programs where you mainly lose only water weight, which you will gain back when you finish. You also have to start eating at some point, so you will gain back weight you lost when you do start eating.

What Is A Cleanse Diet? How To Best Cleanse Your Body In A Healthy Way And Still Lose Weight

Glow Bio Cleanse

In contrast, the Glow Bio cleanses are designed with the big picture in mind. They contain not just plain juice, but probiotic-enhanced juices to help rebuild and balance your system boosters and bio-available smoothies, which have fiber to balance your blood sugar levels and help escort toxins out of your body.

Giving your body a break from the daily foods you consume (many of which may be processed, containing salt and oils), can help your body’s digestive functions rest and redirect energy into deeper cleansing via its eliminative organs, which can manifest in renewed energy, a sleeker physique, clearer eyes and glowing skin.

While you may lose some weight during a cleanse, more importantly, our cleanses help your body be more balanced from the inside out post-cleanse, so it can operate more efficiently. You will also be better able to stick to making long-term lifestyle shifts and sticking to them, which is where you will see continual improvement and results, and yes, sustained weight loss.

Are Cleanses Dangerous?

All-juice cleanses can be dangerous because people go from eating very acidic diets to going to the opposite extreme — not eating anything at all. Blood sugar levels can become out-of-whack, and too much toxicity can get kicked up at once. It is important to ease in and out of a cleanse by preparing and gradually phasing things out before you begin, and, alternately, reintroducing them slowly after you end the cleanse.

The cleanses I designed at Glow Bio are not juice fasts. You will consume fiber at the beginning and end of the day in the form of the Glowing Green Smoothie, which is a whole, fiber-containing food. This not only stabilizes your blood sugar levels, but also helps to bind to and sweep out more toxins. If you want to become more naturally balanced in your weight — and more naturally healthy and beautiful — you need to eat closer to nature. Nature grows produce with the fiber and the juice intact.

What Is A Cleanse Diet? How To Best Cleanse Your Body In A Healthy Way And Still Lose Weight

The fiber component helps stabilize your body’s metabolism, as your body will still be supplied with whole foods, but in an easily digested, blended form. Fiber-filled foods help balance your body from the inside out, and can help you kick-start your digestion and metabolism over time… for the long-term.

Who Should Avoid Cleanses?

If you are pregnant or nursing, cleanses are not recommended. They are also not recommended for those with diabetes, blood sugar issues, those on blood thinners or those that have kidney disease or complications. If you are unsure if a cleanse is not safe for you for any reason, be sure to check with your doctor first before starting any cleanse program.

How To Cleanse The Right Way

Everyone is starting at a different place when they go on a cleanse — and may react in a different way. As toxins and wastes are pushed to the surface, your body may feel the effect of them much more than when they were pushed way down into your system and lying dormant.

You may experience the “worse before better” scenario, but the good news is that your body is ridding itself of toxins that were holding it back from perfect balance. You may or may not experience the following symptoms: headaches, light-headedness, skin eruptions, foul body odor and/or stools, coldness, fatigue. Besides the cleanse products, be
sure to drink lots of water and rest when you feel really tired. Listen to your body, and if something you feel as extreme comes up, go see your doctor

What Is A Cleanse Diet? How To Best Cleanse Your Body In A Healthy Way And Still Lose Weight

Cleanses Benefit Skin Health

There can be great benefits of cleansing and detoxing that will give you great beauty results. Dull skin can be eliminated with my Glowing Green Smoothie (where improvement is often visible within a few days), which supplies minerals, enzymes, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, myriad other phytonutrients and chlorophyll to your body, in a blended, easily digestible way.

Foods To Eat Once Cleanse Is Over

Post-cleanse, it’s important to eat and drink very cleanly. Avoid foods and beverages that are hard to digest and disturb your digestive system such as caffeine, diary and gluten. Consume easily digestible items post-cleanse such as fruits, veggies and herbal teas.

Adding more fiber to your diet is also critical. The easiest way to do that is to consume a Glowing Green Smoothie every day. A 16-ounce serving supplies approximately 13.39 grams of fiber.

The Glow Bio Cleanse features 100% organic bio-available smoothies, cold-pressed juices and boosters. The juices are enhanced with probiotics, which are essential in optimizing digestion and immunity — and ensuring you are fully absorbing nutrients and maximizing your energy, while the booster shots help you “debloat” and balance all systems of your body.
It costs $60-$275 for a complete Glow Bio Cleanse, depending on level. To order, visit www.MyGlowBio.com and email Cleanse@MyGlowBio.com, a Glow representative will then get in touch with you to best determine which cleanse is right for you. If you happen to be in LA, stop by Kim’s recently opened Glow Bio smoothie shop.
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