Which Lasts Longer? Eye Gel or Pencil?

The eyes are certainly the window to our soul. They mesmerize and tease, just like a burlesque dancer, and they have the power to fill us with great desire and joy. When we think of the eyes, we think of countless actresses who have charmed us with their cat eye and charming winks: Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra, the innocent wide-eyed Emmy Rossum in Phantom of the Opera, Halle Berry in Cat Woman…

So, if you wanted to emulate these smoldering icons, would you use a gel eyeliner or pencil? And which one has marathon staying power?

Pencil Liner:

These are great eyeliner basics to carry in your purse. They are easily portable, and all you need is a sharpener (some varieties, like Smashbox Cosmetics, already come with an in-built sharpener). Pencils give great contour and definition, but alas, not a lot of them have serious staying power or provide you with the ability to smudge and create that smoky, sultry look. Some of the pencil liners we absolutely love have that velvety texture. These include Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide On Pencil which is extremely creamy and waterproof at the same time because it has jojoba oil, cottonseed and Vitamin E. We also love Smashbox Cosmetics’ Limitless Eye Liner with its own inbuilt sharpener. It goes on the eyes like silk.

Gel Eye Liner:

These liners definitely get our vote in terms of staying power. Not only do they glide effortlessly, but they stay on as long as you want them to – and then some. The best part about gel liners is that you can use a variety of brushes to get the thickness and contouring level you desire. We are staunch lovers of MAC Fluidline Gel liners and Maybelline Eye Studio Gel liners. Both of them give you a sultry cat eye and last and last like the Energizer Bunny.

So if you’re looking for staying power, go with the gel liner. If it’s contouring and portability you want, ink your lids with pencils. A combination of the two is a killer idea! We frequently experiment with both to find the right balance and tone for the type of look we’re looking for.

Tell us, which do you use more of? Gel liner or pencils?

– Charu Suri