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Once you’ve gotten your Mood Board, click the link to Join Your Exclusive Community. THAT is where you’ll find your personalized product recommendations and beauty tips. It might take a second to load, but never fear, it will definitely be worth the wait!

So what happens when you take the quiz? We ask you a few questions about your beauty style and mood, then we ask what types of beauty products interest you most and what your beauty concerns are. Then, in seconds you get your own personalized Mood Board that shows off your unique and personal beauty style. Plus, we give you personalized product recommendations, tips and put you in groups with others that share your same beauty style.

We just took the quiz and here are the results of our BeautyStat Mood Board. As you can see below, Rihanna is our icon, we love designer styles and we’re pretty high-maintenance beauty junkies.

After you post your Mood Board to your Wall, you’ll be granted access to the Exclusive Community. There you’ll get your personalized product recommendations. Note below that Makeup was our biggest concerns especially finding the right shade of foundation that really lasts and a mascara that makes lashes thicker.

Then you can click on the Your Tips tab to get your personalized beauty tips.

After that, if you want to chat in a private community where only those with similar beauty concerns and styles can access, click on the Your Groups tab.

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