Cosmetic Surgery Trends 2013: Why Botox is Still a Popular Beauty Trend & Where to Use Botox

In some industries, new technologies and trends come and go so quickly that the most popular choice changes from week to week. But in the field of Medical Aesthetics (including cosmetic surgery abroad), there is one procedure that continues to be the sought-after “look of the moment” – Botox. The overwhelming amount of celebrities that have admitted to using the cosmetic drug continues to bolster the popularity of the treatment among real women, ranging from “too young” women attempting to prevent signs of aging to “too old” women who desire to combat their wrinkles. Below, Clinical Director of LaserTouch Soho, Mike Sendogan, gives us a tour of popular Botox procedures and explains their seemingly unwavering appeal.

Cosmetic Surgery Trends 2013: Why Botox is Still a Popular Beauty Trend & Where to Use Botox

“American women are bombarded by images of outwardly flawless women on a consistent basis. Inevitably, these celebrities and models become their idols, in a sense – on everything from style, to parenting, to medical procedures. It’s true that many women have a problem with the concept of aging, but it goes further than that. These procedures are quick, largely painless, and have a short recovery period. That spells success for Botox, and I don’t anticipate that it will lose popularity in the foreseeable future.”

Frown Lines and Forehead

The obvious place to start for most women, forehead and frown lines are target trouble spots for wrinkles. The root cause for this procedure is “excessive facial movements”, but over time, all levels of facial movements will produce wrinkles. What is the process to get rid of the first classic signs of aging? “It’s important to note that following the patient’s wishes, Dr. Vafa makes recommendations for the amount of injections needed to produce the desired result,” says Mike.

  • The procedure is comfortable and usually does not require anesthesia. Some patients opt for numbing of the area, which is done with a cold pack.
  • Depending upon the desired areas of injection, treatments can take as little as fifteen minutes. Dr. Vafa makes recommendations based on his own findings as well as the needs and wants of the individual.
  • There is little to no bruising following injection. Most patients report that results last anywhere from three to six months.

Crow’s Feet

The logical next step following forehead and frown lines is crow’s feet –the bane of many a woman’s existence. “One of the most integral components to consider is finding the right doctor to administer your treatments. We hear a lot of news stories where women go to doctors who do not specialize in such procedures, and that can quickly spell disaster for the patient. Dr. Vafa does a thorough evaluation of each patient with the objective to create a youthful appearance rather than an expressionless face.”

  • Much like the procedure for forehead and frown lines, patients can choose to be numbed with a cold pack or experience the mild, moderate pain at the injection site.
  • Procedures for crow’s feet can take as little as ten minutes, as the area is incredibly targeted.
  • Swelling and bruising rarely occur following the procedure. Results can last as long as six months following treatment.

Brow Lift

The term “brow lift” can oftentimes be associated with actual cosmetic surgery. But Botox can achieve this look, in a virtually non-invasive way. For career women, working mothers, or even students, a short recovery period is key to the appeal of these procedures. “Dr. Vafa can inject Botox into the outer area of the brow to create a lifting effect. For a lot of women, this look is one of the most desirable. With millions of

procedures all over the world, Botox has been and continues to be the most popular aesthetic treatment today.”

  • With minimal to no pain, patients can opt for numbing with a cold pack , but most patients do not require it.
  • Treatment time is fifteen to twenty minutes. That means patients can stop in on their lunch break and return to work shortly afterward, which has led to high demand.
  • Downtime is not recommended and bruising is uncommon.

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