Would You Pay $1 million for a Perfume Bottle? Martin Katz Creates DKNY Million Dollar Fragrance

They some some items are indeed collectors items and true works of art, but would you pay $1 million for a perfume bottle? Martin Katz, visionary extraordinaire, teamed up with DKNY to come up with the Be Delicious truly “Golden” edition in every way. The “Golden Delicious” fragrance bottle is inspired by the lights of New York City and the gems are sourced from all around the world.

dkny-fragrance-bottle $1 million bottle

If I personally plunked down the spare $1 million I have lying around on this bottle, I would be tempted to just stare at it and surround it with body guards, like I would an Oscar statue. Martin Katz is a jeweler to the stars, and obviously his vision would be one of coveted excess. Note some impressive features:

  • Shape: A “Golden Delicious” apple, true to the original DKNY Be Delicious Fragrance;
  • 2,700 White Diamonds;
  • 183 Golden Yellow Sapphires;
  • 14 carat white gold setting to make up the New York Skyline;
  • Carved from polished 14 carat yellow and white gold;
  • The base on which it stands is decorated with precious stones from around the world.

How’s that for bling? The bottle will be available to purchase through DKNY’s Facebook page. All the proceeds will be donated to Action Against Hunger.

Would you collect this or do you think it’s exaggerated excess during this economy? Spill your thoughts below!

Charu Suri

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