Review, Before/ After Photos Back To The Roots: The Quick Tint Instant Root Touch Up Pen

Highlighted Platinum Blondes have an unusually hard time with their roots I have often talked to my friends in the hair biz to create a product that would look more natural on us. Being a 70% gray haired highlighted blonde is even tougher. I won’t name names, but I have sprayed fibers onto my roots, applied a crayon like stick on my roots, used a mascara like wand with liquid hair color on my roots…but was never pleased with the results.

Quick Tint Highlighting Pen

Then QuickTint fell into my hands. QuickTint has been around for a few years and was recently given a packaging makeover which included a new formula and new application process. It is meant to get rid of your stray gray roots, yet I was prepared to use it in my temples, along my forehead etc. for an immediate touch up.

Since there are ten different shades to choose from, the Honey Blonde looked like the right color choice for me. The sleek silver tube like pen has a small clear part where the color comes through so you see what color are getting. Other products I have tried looked like the correct color in the packaging, yet did not blend in well with my hair color once applied.

Before Quick Tint

QuickTint comes with a two sided brush, so you first twist the QuickTint pen until the color appears and then apply a very small amount of pigment to the small comb provided or directly on your roots and then comb it through. It’s waterproof so it will stay longer than one shampoo session! I remember when I used to use a wide looking crayon on my roots last year and one day I had loads of groceries to get home and I couldn’t get a taxi in the pouring rain. Why nobody told me that I had the color dripping down the side of my face is still a mystery to me! It was only when I got to my apartment and was horrified when I looked in the mirror. This wouldn’t have happened if I knew about this product as its color stays put through rain, swimming and even shampooing. I was told you can even put it on your eyebrows but mine are tattooed so that did not apply to me… yet I see it as a value added feature.

After Quick Tint

After Quick Tint

To remove the product, you need a bit of baby or vegetable oil on hand. You have the choice to apply the oil and then shampoo it out or you can also remove it like you would with eye makeup-with the oil on a cotton swab. QuickTint is available for $ 14.95 online at or by calling 1-873-6443 should you decide to try the product.

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Nicole Gordon Levine