Celeb Musings: On Kim Kardashian's Dubai Tour, Sephora Fragrance Promotion, and Beauty Secrets

Just when I think I can’t get enough of Kim Kardashian or her family, I receive an email that talks about her promoting her fragrances at Sephora, and this time in Dubai.

Kim Kardashian in Dubai

And in keep with all things Dubai, she was also peddling the gorgeous gold bottle that drips in opulence.

At first, I was inclined to gloss over the news –I mean, she’s everywhere, right?– but then I did a double take when I saw her photo. She’s truly a gorgeous woman, any way you look at it!

While I’m still recovering from a complete media overload (her engagement, Fairy Tale Wedding, clothing line, Shoedazzle.com, and we won’t even mention her Playboy spread etc.etc.) there’s no questioning that she really knows how to play up her beauty. Here are a few things I’ve learned from watching Kim Kardashian over the past few months, in the beauty department at any rate:

  • Wear lots of blush — even if you have a darker skin tone like Kim’s, don’t underestimate the power of a good blush. We are a bit smitten with Benefit Cosmetics’ Cha Cha Tint.
  • Love your shiny hair…it takes some serious hair maintenance to get your locks that glossy but look at the payoff!
  • Drape your lashes in some serious mascara. Again, we love Benefit Cosmetics’ They’re Real mascara which will seriously give you some KK length lashes.
Do you have any other tips to share on how to look as gorgeous as Kim? Drop a comment below.
– Charu Suri

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