Would You Take Vitamins to Fade Your Gray Hair Away? Review, Gray Gone Supplements

While I was browsing through some of the unusual products that are on the market, I came across pills that promise to actually fade your gray hair away.

Gray Gone vitamins sold in mass outlets like Vitamin Shoppe contain nourishing ingredients to grow healthy hair, and it contains the “key ingredient to turning back the clock on your gray” which is Colace.

Gray Gone Vitamins to Fade Gray Away

Colace diminishes in our bodies over time, and Gray Gone provides a blend of nourishing ingredients to grow healthy strong, beautiful hair. This essential nutrient prevents the natural hydrogen that our bodies produce (hydrogen is what bleaches the hair internally) from fading the gray. Gray Gone gives you catalase, biotin and folic acid in one capsule (you take two daily).

We’re not sure what to think: do we file this under wishful thinking or a product along the lines of the placenta-based hair care (I’m not even making this one up)? It’s carried in salons worth their salt (e.g. Byu-Ti Salon in Los Angeles), but since I don’t have gray hair yet (may be jinxing myself), I haven’t tried these pills.

But I give props to the manufacturers for harvesting and bottling Colace, since this is the first time I’ve ever heard of it. The only question I have is — since hair is comprised of dead skin cells, how could colace help prevent fading?

We’ve covered other hair vitamins in the past, including Perfectil (a product I can personally vouch for) and Phyto, but these have helped strengthen hair and improve the texture of skin and nails. This is the first time I’m hearing about a product that actually fades gray hair.

I’d love to know…what’s your gut reaction? Would you buy them? They retail for $29.99. Drop us a comment below.

Charu Suri

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