Dove Launches "Make Friends With Your Hair Campaign" with Rashida Jones

I’ve loved Rashida Jones ever since she walked onto the set of The Office: her wit, beauty (shall we say, gorGEOUS) and her hair were all things that were really going for her.

We recently had a blowout, courtesy of Dove & DailyCandy, at New York’s brand new Drybar (a salon that offers only blowouts — not cuts or color) and was really happy to hear about Dove’s partnership with the actress in their “Make Friends With Your Hair Campaign.” The winner receives a VIP trip to New York to get their hair transformed by celebrity stylist, Mark Townsend. To enter, all you have to do is submit a video that is 90 seconds long at

The deadline for entry is October 20th, 2011, so you have a few more days, ladies.

Here are various ways you can share hair stories of your own:

  • Fans can interact with one another, ask questions and view how-to hair videos with Dove® Celebrity Stylist Mark Townsend.
  • Twitter (@Dove): Dove® followers can interact with Dove® Hair Care and join a #DoveHairCare “Twitter Party,” where they can discuss their hair struggles and win Dove® Hair Care™ products and other prizes.
  • Everyone can view humorous videos and TV ads depicting women’s bad hair experiences, featuring Rashida Jones (trust us, this video is hilarious!)
A recent Dove study conducted by StrategyOne showed that 67% of women described their hair as having, “a mind of its own.” Check out our curly hair style (aka Cosmo) style that our stylist, Lilly, gave us at Drybar:
We also love the nourishing properties of the new Dove Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care hair care line, which is truly perfect for dry hair.
So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you have a hair story to tell? Get recording now!
Charu Suri

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