(Review, Before/After Photos) L'Oreal Professionnel Launches CPR Line: Condition, Protect, Repair Absolut Repair Cellular Haircare Collection

It’s been a long standing truth that in the haircare world, curly hair typically needs a lot of moisture and treatment. But with the swiftness at which some women change their hair color these days, the damage is too fast, too severe, and the truth is that all types of hair could benefit from some intensive care. With all the chemical changes the hair strands experience, the surface, cuticle and cortex all get damaged, and split ends are as common as stocking rips.

L’Oreal Professionnel’s new Absolut Repair Cellular haircare collection aims to condition, protect and repair hair in easy steps, and repair all three zones of hair fiber. The key ingredient in the three products in this line is Lactic Acic, which aims to improve hair in just 10 days: the claims are 74% stronger hair and 83% softer hair. The new INCELL technology aims to restore the cuticle’s protective capabilities and gives hair fiber a smooth and shiny finish.

The idea behind using all the three products in the shower is to give your damaged hair a shiny, soft and tangle-free status. Some of the key products in the collection include Cleansing Balm (an extra gentle, sulfate-free base and concentrated conditioning agents; the idea is to use it every 2-3 shampoo sessions, along with the shampoo and masque); the Thermo-Repair Blow Dry Spray and Express Fiber-Repair Service.

Below is a before/after using the three products: Cleansing Balm, Shampoo & Masque. The balm is gentle and ideal for those “in between” days where you don’t want a full shampoo session. The Masque doesn’t smell harsh at all and is a gentle indulgence on the hair. The results are after one wash. The Shampoo retails for $22, Conditioner for $22, Masque for $30, Thermo Repair Spray for $24, Cleansing Balm for $24. All products are online and salons only.

LOreal Products CPR Absolut Repair Cellular

LOreal Products CPR Absolut Repair Cellular Before


LOreal Products CPR Absolut Repair Cellular After


Tell us your haircare story and if you think these products would fit the bill.

Charu Suri

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