Hot Celebrity Hairstyle Trend: Textured Hair Makes a Comeback for Fall 2013

The duo Jet and Rhys have an impressive clientele and have taught hair techniques around the world and world with key Hollywood celebrities. Professionally trained at Vidal Sassoon, the duo have been the creative force behind several national television ads from Revlon, Pantene and L’Oreal Professional.

Jet’s motto is, “look, study and attack.” She is known for creating works of art in the realm of hair, using a very “honest” approach. Rhys’ cult following comes from his ability to “read” hair like the pages of a book. The duo owns two salons, one in San Diego, CA and the other in Solana Beach, CA.

Here’s what the duo says is the hottest hairstyle trend of the moment: textured hair, and how you can get the Hollywood look, just in time for fall 2011.

Cameron Diaz Textured Hair

Best Body-Inducing Cuts for Fine Hair: Less is More (think Cameron Diaz)

Whether your hair is wavy or straight – short, medium or long. Minimal layers are key, they trick the eye into thinking hair is actually fatter than it is.

Best Body-Inducing Cuts for Thick, Medium Hair: More is More

Whether your hair is straight or curly – short, medium or long. Extreme layering produces maximum volume.

Kiera Knightley Textured Hair

Best Way to Use Thickening Products

The quest for volume starts with the right products. Volumizing shampoo works great on all textures because it removes build-up which can weigh hair down. Add a styling product like gel, mousse or texture cream. Depending on your hair type, apply product; a dime amount for fine, a nickel for medium and a quarter size for thick.

Charlize Theron Textured Hair

Best Way to Get a Blow-Dry

Make your hair irresistibly touchable! A lot of styling products are heat-activated to expand your texture. Start by flipping your hair over and dry the undersides first. When it is half dry flip your hair back and dry the top sections slightly. Finish by rolling the ends of your hair around a boar bristle round brush.

Olivia Wilde Textured Hair

Best Way to Get a Texturized Finish

Get yourself rolling! After your blow-dry, spritz hair with hairspray and pop in about 4 hot rollers. I use the T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Hair Setter by Remington (my b.f.f.). They are quick and easy–it comes with me to every photo shoot! Take sections of hair from the crown, wrap sections around one or two large rollers and clip them in place while you’re getting ready. Just before you walk out the door take them out and lightly rake through with your fingers and shake, shake, shake!

Best Way to get Texture using Color

Enhance it, don’t overwhelm it! Cascading Balayage is a spin on the technique that combines two or three shades of light and dark which is a very clever way of coloring hair that creates an illusion of texture! Concentrating slightly darker hues of color near the face fills in all the gaps around the hairline and creates instant fullness.

Tips contributed by Jet Rhys. To read about yet another popular haircare trend, the rainbow ombre, click here.

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