(Review) Wei East Chestnut Extra Firming Skincare Line & a Conversation with Founder, Wei Brian

Wei Brian, the founder of Wei East has had a love affair with herbs right from the get go. As a child, she used to visit her father’s farm to pick up herbs. The entire idea of growing, harvesting and creating products based on wholesome nature is something that’s part and parcel of who she is.

Wei East Chestnut Firming Line

Wei East’s Chestnut Line

She’s finicky about what we can put on our skin.

“Anything you can drink, you can use on your skin,” she says. Herbs are absorbed internally, but how you create herbal remedies that you can use topically is “much more challenging,” she says. She has proven that her miracles do work — she remains one of the top products on the beauty network HSN, and has remained a best seller for 10 years, once selling 40,000 hand creams in 15 minutes (this yielded $1 million in sales — still the record).

Wei East and Family

Wei Brian and her two children

“What we don’t do, is sell sugar water,” she says. Wei East’s philosophy is deep rooted in a firm knowledge of her plants. Her understanding of more than 300 herbs has allowed her to create skin care, makeup and body care lines that nourish and soothe, and do precisely what you want the product to. From green tea, to red peony root to Tibetan Chrysanthemum, each formula is created with Eastern philosophy’s deep, but with Western delivery mechanisms in mind.

Some herbs she spoke of during my meeting include ginseng (it goes straight to the meridian), goji berry (a superfood), and black soy. Since the Chinese drug industry is highly regulated, cosmetics fall under this umbrella, so Wei East’s standard are superb. We tried their new Chestnut Extra Firming Cream, Chestnut Firming and Contouring Pads and the Chestnut Firming Refirming Eye Treatment. Chestnut has unique firming properties, and therefore excellent on mature skin.

I liked the way each product felt by itself yet I think there is an added benefit to have the ability to use all three. They seem to work well together on my skin. I began with washing the cosmetics off my face and once that was done I was able to use the Firming and Contouring Pad. I glided it in upward sweeps over both my face and neck. It immediately hydrated my skin and I felt a slight tingle that I believe was the firming agent of the product. I truly felt it doing something to tighten my skin. I am not a scientist, yet I believe it must be the chestnut as this line revolves around it. Wei East ‘s Chestnut line is said to firm and lift the skin and I felt it. Several hours later my skin still felt smooth to the touch and a bit tighter.

Before going to sleep, I used the Chestnut Extra Firming Cream all over my face and neck and then placed a dime sized amount of the Chestnut Refirming Eye Treatment in the sensitive eye area where my crows feet are. I lightly patted that area with this product and it felt supple and soft to the touch. These two products felt creamy making them easy to apply. They, too, felt like they hydrated the skin. The following day at lunch after using my contour pads again….I asked a friend to feel my skin as I knew if felt less dry and more firm than usual. “Nice” she said as she felt my check. “I feel the difference.”More than 1 million women have used Wei East’s products and now she has a new fan. I am now one million and one.

Wei East products are completely affordable and can be purchased on HSN or on her site.

By Charu Suri and Nicole Gordon Levine

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