Laptops and Skin Damage: "Toasted Skin" Syndrome

The word “toasted” sounds appealing in conjunction with almost anything edible: almonds, bread, marshmallows….you get the idea. But it certainly doesn’t apply to your skin!

If you’re the type of person who loves to snuggle up with their laptop as you would with your furry bestie, or have a tendency to haul your techie BFF just about everywhere you go, perhaps it’s time for you to rethink your habits.

Laptops and Skin Damage: "Toasted Skin" Syndrome

A recent study published in the journal Pediatrics showed that sitting with your laptop and letting the device come into contact with your skin over periods of long exposure can literally make it red and …toasted. Laptops can generate substantial amounts of heat: make and models like Acer 5100 can get incredibly hot, as much as 125 degrees or more.

A possible solution to protect your gorgeous and precious skin would be to get a base for your laptop so it does not come into direct contact with you. There are several other professions where people are constantly exposed to heat sources all day (think bakers, for one, who are perfect candidates for melt-proof makeup).

The solution in this instance is very simple: place your laptop on your desk, or get a base to avoid that not so healthy “glow.” The study reports that the leg discoloration arising from “toasted skin syndrome” can be permanent, but it’s unlikely to cause a host of serious complications. But as you already know, prevention is better than cure, so we’ll toast to getting smart about your heated gadgets.

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Charu Suri