PRAIBeauty's Martian Claim: Does Iron Rose Crystal from Mars Really Help the Skin?

I get several press releases on products that promise outlandish claims with even more outlandish ingredients. Over the years, I’ve seen bird poop facials and most recently I was introduced to a serum with an ingredient (Iron Rose Crystal) that promises to increase skin collagen.

We love the analysis of this serum from The Beauty Brains and we attempt to give you a balanced POV on below. The bottom line for us is, would you pay $60 for a serum with an ingredient that claims it’s from Mars, or would you simply chalk up the product to good marketing?

PRAIBeauty's Martian Claim: Does Iron Rose Crystal from Mars Really Help the Skin?

The Claim: Cathy Kangas, CEO and founder of PRAIBeauty, says that PRAIMordial Stellar Serum has an ingredient (Iron Rose Crystal) that originates from Mars.

We Ask: We would like to know how the company can justify the above claim. What support do they have to show that no other company can make this claim? Is it because PRAIBeauty has an exclusive on this ingredient? We do know that Edward Sion, a world-renowned astrophysicist with over 518 scientific publications, has certified these claims and that the ingredient is indeed from “outer space.”

Of course, since no one has really been on Mars to harvest this ingredient, it goes to show that it must have been culled from the Earth.

What does hematite do?

Hematite is present in Martian soil and Martian meteorites, and promotes a high degree of fertility in plants, algae, fruits and vegetables.

It is also a form of iron oxide (chemical compounds of iron and oxygen), which has long since been used in cosmetics to make pigment-rich colors and brushes. Too much hematite can irritate the skin.

So hematite and Mars have a connection?

Yes, hematite was discovered on Mars, but the jury’s out on whether the ingredient was found on Mars and then brought back to Earth for use in this serum.

The way we see it:

There are several creams and serums that stimulate collagen production as we age, and the truth is we don’t necessarily know if PRAIMordial’s Stellar Serum is the choice pick for you.

If you’ve tried it out, we would love to know your thoughts. It retails for $60 at In terms of marketing, we’ll give it an A+.

Charu Suri

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