NYFW Spring/Summer 2013 Haircut Trends: How To Get A Modern French Twist Hairstyle

NYFW Spring/Summer 2013 Trends: How To Get A Modern French Twist Hairstyle

The Korto Momolu 2013 Spring/Summer Collection evokes effortless style — a wardrobe for a chic, empowered woman who loves to balance career and family, and has a captivating style that turns the heads of all who come in contact with her. For the woman who loves effortless style, a modern day French Twist is the perfect complement to exude that light and airy style. The hair was organically twisted and rolled into shape for an effortless look. Read on to get the step-by-step instructions to recreate this look at home using NIOXIN hair products:

1. To start, dampen hair with water and generously apply NIOXIN DiaMax throughout the roots. Then apply NIOXIN Root Lifter. Blow out hair using just your fingers overdirecting the hair at the crown to concentrate on natural volume.

2. Once the hair is completely dry at the base, emulsify a nickel-sized amount of NIOXIN Thickening Gel combined with a nickel-sized amount of NIOXIN Silk Elixir from mid-shaft to ends for flexible hold and smoothness.

NYFW Spring/Summer 2013 Trends: How To Get A Modern French Twist Hairstyle

3. Create a side part and a create triangle section off of the parting. Round brush top triangle section and pin curl after each section.

4. Remove pins, brush hair and flip up to create a soft roll. Secure with pins.

5. Gently brush remaining hair back to the bottom center and create a low ponytail. Twist the ponytail and wrap it around to create a soft, loose chignon. Secure with natural-colored bobby pins and fine pins. Pull the chignon into a pretty shape and secure with a few more pins.

NYFW Spring/Summer 2013 Trends: How To Get A Modern French Twist Hairstyle

6. Finally, spritz the hair with NIOXIN Niospray for a soft natural hold and beautiful shine.

Credit Info:
Hair Styling by: Diane Stevens, NIOXIN Design Team

• NIOXIN Root Lifter
• NIOXIN Thickening Gel
• NIOXIN Silk Elixir
• NIOXIN Niospray

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