Review: Beautiful Collection Clairol Advanced Gray Solution Haircolor - Covers Gray With No Peroxide Or Ammonia

The ultimate goal of any hair color is to provide lasting, natural looking color while leaving hair shiny and healthy. It’s important you first know what you want your color to be and how long you want it to last. And you really should understand the condition of your hair currently. Is it virgin or semi colored or permanent colored or whether it’s permed. From there, you can decide on the best route to take.

If you’re looking to cover gray, you might want to try Clairol’s Advanced Gray Solution Hair Color.

Review: Clairol Advanced Gray Solution Haircolor - Covers Gray With No Peroxide Or Ammonia

The product has a unique technology called SynAIRgy technology that combines the benefits from both semi and demi-permanent color to create a whole new kind of dye system – one that reacts with oxygen in the AIR (instead of a developer) to form a larger molecule able to penetrate more deeply into the hair shaft. It uses no peroxide, no ammonia and delivers true, full-scale rich color to the hair without compromising hair’s health.

Advanced Gray Solution’s breakthrough SynAIRgy technology contains an oxidative dye that uses oxygen in the air as a color developer to form a large dye molecule, eliminating the need to use a product with hydrogen peroxide for longer-lasting coverage. After coloring with Advanced Gray Solution, oxygen continues to combine with the small dye molecules, converting them into full color over the next five days.

Advanced Gray Solution is gentle due to the caring formula with no peroxide and no ammonia. Usually peroxide is needed for generating oxidative color dye molecules. With SynAirgy technology the system has changed: Air oxidizes the dye and builds large color molecules. As oxidative dyes are smaller than direct dyes, they penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. Oxidized with air, they get larger inside the hair and stay for longer. The bigger direct dyes remain under the cuticle and can be washed out easier. This product should last up to 24 shampoos.

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Have you tried this product yet? If not, what hair color are you currently using?

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