(Review, Photos, Swatches) Rachel Zoe Launches Exude Lipstick and Lipgloss Line

The new lipstick line from the stylist to the stars is packaged like a work of art. From the crisp designed box with blind debossed text that starts with “Forget eyes- we think that a woman’s lips are the window to her soul” to the custom foam insert inside that cradles the lipstick, Exude is modern, clean and bold all at the same time. The actual matte white lipstick tube has no lid/cap but instead a clear, crystal applicator that releases a small amount of gel color formula with a simple twist of the tube.

Rachel Zoe Exude Lipstick
Rachel Zoe teamed up with Diane Breidenbach and Laurence Mille to create this technology after years of conversations with both consumers and manufacturers relating to the existing challenges of both lipsticks and lip glosses. Zoe designed the packaging which she said was reminiscent of her own style. Her clean crisp white tube was paired up with accents of silver and red in the logo much like her formula for interior decorating.

Exude Lipsticks by Rachel Zoe

The nine shades ranging from Nude to Cranberry are shimmery and I was given the Nude Lip Creme to sample. I just twisted the bottom and up came the lip gel and it applied very easily on my lips. There is a scent of mint and other ingredients include Vitamin C, E, Gogi berry, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. The lip creme stayed on through dinner and I applied a twist more before dessert. I like the texture of the creme and it feels a bit tingly on my lips but it didn’t bother me. I often feel that tingle when I am wearing a lipstick or gloss intended to make my lips look fuller.

Exude Lipsticks by Rachel Zoe

Exude Lipsticks by Rachel Zoe

You can “try them on” yourself by going to www.exudelipstick.com and uploading your own photo or choose from dozens of models to see what the colors look like on them. This was a helpful tool for me to see which colors looked best on me. There are also 5 lip glosses too.

Exude Lipsticks by Rachel Zoe

Wearing “Nude Creme”

Zoe is known for her big beautiful red pout and she liked the idea of the lipstick being a completely new application process. Exude is meant for women of the 21st century for certain. With this innovative clear acrylic tube, it may well be likely that no flat, crescent or curvy shaped lipstick will be seen anywhere — at least among those in the know, anyway.

You can currently buy them online only at www.exudelipstick.com for $ 29.00. The line launches everywhere in October 2011.

What do you think of this new lipstick applicator? Are you a fan? Drop us a comment below.

Nicole Gordon Levine

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