(Review) Turn Up the Volume: LipSmart Ultra Hydrating Lip Treatment and Volumizer

LipSmart is both a moisturizer and volumizer in one. As soon as I put it on my lips, I could smell the pineapple, peach, apricot, etc. fruit extracts. I wanted to lick my lips. Then a tingling sense came about and I knew LipSmart was meant to do something besides adding flavor to my lips.


The CEO of the company, Briana Kay Brumer, created LipSmart after she had tried other products on the market that had either stung or irritated her own lips. She began researching ingredients that would moisturize and nurture lips on a daily basis as well as delivering soft, silky and non irritated lips. LipSmart was then entered into Cos Bar for test marketing and through word of mouth became the best selling product by volume in the Cos Bar chain of stores.

The key active ingredients such as Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Tribehenin, Glycolipids, Ceramide 3 and Hydrolyzed Soybean Protein (Phytokine ™) work together to help increase collagen production while reducing wrinkles. I believe it’s the Ceramide 3 that acts as a volumizer and makes for a plumper, fuller appearance. Directions read to apply LipSmart 2-3 times a day to moisturize, soften and plump your lips. You can use it alone or under lipstick/gloss for at least 29 days to achieve maximum results.

I am on day two and the tingling sensation has gone. The directions also mentioned that I would notice a faster response from my lips with each subsequent application so this is what I believe is happening. Right after applying LipSmart to my lips now, I wait until it dries before applying my lipstick color. My lips feel moist and supple I am looking forward to updating this review in 27 more days with hopefully, fuller lips in tow.

Breaking News: LipSmart has just launched at Bergdorf Goodman’s for our NYC readers and is also available at Boutique Apothecaries across the country or on www.lipsmartusa.com for $ 30.00.

What’s your “go to” lip volumizer of choice?

Nicole Gordon Levine

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