Review, Swatches, Photos, Makeup Trend, 2019, 2020: Best Cruelty Free & Vegan Eyeshadow Palettes, Lime Crime, Venus XL 2

Review, Swatches, Photos, Makeup Trend, 2019, 2020: Best Cruelty Free & Vegan Eyeshadow Palettes, Lime Crime, Venus XL 2

Lime Crime Venus XL 2 Eyeshadow Palette | $58.00

Lime Crime is one of the brands that has been released the absolute best eyeshadow palettes the last couple of years – whether it’s the color story or the formula, the palettes are guaranteed to be phenomenal. If you have not tried any Lime Crime products yet, and you’re into earthy shades, you may want to pick this one up!

The Lime Crime Venus XL 2 is a bold and earthy palette that contains 18 brand new shades in four different formulas. There are a great variety of mattes, metallics, foils, and sheer iridescents. Although the outer packaging is absolutely gorgeous, let’s take a look at the inside of this palette.

Here’s a quick run down of what this palette contains:
  • In Bloom (muted rose matte)
  • Crown (icy champagne foil)
  • Sage (sage green matte)
  • Thorn (cocoa with blue sparkle shimmer)
  • Ripe (warm terracotta matte)
  • Forbidden (peachy copper shimmer)
  • Stella (pink champagne shimmer)
  • Myth (silvery green foil)
  • Eve (mauve rose with multi color sparkle foil)
  • Laurel (olive gold shimmer)
  • Radiant (peach pearl sheer iridescent)
  • Ivy (glazed green with pink sparkle shimmer)
  • West (warm brown shimmer)
  • Obscure (soft neon green sheer iridescent)
  • Mystic (soft blush shimmer)
  • Phoenix (rust shimmer)
  • Locust (green-brown shift shimmer)
  • Classical (plummy brown matte)

I really enjoy the color combinations available in this palette. You have essentially everything you need to create a variety of beautiful looks. The only minor suggestions I would make is a matte or satin brow bone shade as well as just one darker crease shade, maybe a deep brown. You do have a few matte shades that can get you some depth in the crease, as well as a nice transition shade, so don’t think that you can’t create an entire look with this palette. It’s definitely possible. I really love the shades Obscure and Sage as I find them to be extremely unique.

As for the formula, I don’t think there’s a more perfect eyeshadow on the market. All of the finishes are equally as amazing. The mattes blend like a dream and are very pigmented, and apply with minimal fall out. Some of the more glittery shades can leave a few glitter speckles on your cheeks during application but they easily dust away, leaving behind no trace of the color. Applying them on the eyes gives them a huge POP and they look stunning. I think Lime Crime did a phenomenal job on this palette. If you’re into earthy or neutral looks and love super metallic shades for your lids, you’ll really enjoy this one. I also believe it will be a great fall palette!

I own a few other Lime Crime palettes and I will say that the quality in this palette is absolutely consistent with the quality of other palettes produced by Lime Crime. If you’ve been sleeping on this brand, I don’t know what you’re waiting for! It took me forever to try Lime Crime and I only wish that I had tried them sooner.

Here are some looks I created with the palette as well as a few swatches:

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What are your favorite Lime Crime products? If you have not yet tried Lime Crime, what is on your wish list?

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– Dawn Santamarina, Managing Editor

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