Review, Swatches, Photos, Makeup Trend, 2019, 2020: Skone Cosmetics, Luxe Waterproof Mascara, Gems Eyeshadow, Brow Wand, Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner, Brow Ink Pen

Review, Swatches, Photos, Makeup Trend, 2019, 2020: Skone Cosmetics, Luxe Waterproof Mascara, Gems Eyeshadow, Brow Wand, Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner, Brow Ink Pen

I recently tested out some products from Skone Cosmetics, a brand that I had never heard of before. I love testing out new brands, especially those that are less “main stream,” as it allows me to find what I like to call hidden beauty gems.

Skone Cosmetics began its journey in 2009. As a company created by women, Skone Cosmetics understands what women want, which is fabulous makeup that lasts all day in colors that complement our features! All products are created using the best materials and embellished with Skone Cosmetics’ signature rose gold accents. In case you were wondering, two of their best selling products are the Insanely Tattooed Liquid Eyeliner and the Brow Wand eyebrow pencil (which will be mentioned in today’s review).

Skone Cosmetics is also a cruelty-free brand, which I absolutely appreciate. Skone Cosmetics never tests on animals and they pride themselves on exceptional customer service. Don’t forget to check out the hashtag #SkoneGirls on social media! If you go to the Skone Cosmetics website, you can sign up for their e-mail list and receive a 10% off code for your first order.

Now… for the products!

Luxe Waterproof Mascara | $22.00

Skone Cosmetics wanted to satisfy customer requests and create a mascara that lived up to the same standards as their Insanely Tattooed Eyeliner. They worked for months creating the perfect formulation and here it is – the Luxe Waterproof Mascara.

This mascara has a long wear formula that will hug your lashes and stay put when you need it the most. Each mascara is equipped with a finely designed brush that captures each lash, lifting and separately them to create a long and full luxurious look.

The wand is a rubber bristled wand with very fine teeth, as you can see from the photo. It has a little bit of give to it so that it flows with the application against your lashes. The formula is truly black and bold. I find that it gives beautiful separation to the lashes. It dries as a typical waterproof mascara would and thankfully, does not flake or smudge whatsoever. I find that some waterproof mascaras can wreak havoc on my lashes when I try to remove them but this one removed quickly and easily with my typical eye makeup remover and cotton round. I love this mascara for my bottom lashes too because the wand applies it just perfectly.

Gems Eyeshadow | $18.00

Achieve the semiprecious sparkle you crave with these eyeshadows. Each single shadow features a shimmery finish that’s buildable, highly pigmented, and long-lasting. These eyeshadows are the perfect finishing touch to your look if you want to add a bit of glitter and radiance for a night out on the town or a romantic rendez-vous.

These eyeshadows come in 8 shades:

  • Romance (vibrant Kelly green)
  • Kisses (deep denim)
  • Candles (electric turquoise)
  • Strawberries (flamingo pink)
  • Love (pure white)
  • Flowers (rich amethyst purple)
  • Chocolates (warm copper brown)
  • Champagne (cool gold)

The two shades pictured are Strawberries and Chocolates. I normally wouldn’t pair two shades like this together but I wanted to do something outside of the norm for myself. I used Chocolates on the lid and Strawberries on my lower lash line, pairing it with a cooler-toned deep brown. I love the effect of the shadows. They are super creamy and apply with ease. You do not have to build them up as they have very strong pigment to them. I would describe these are very high quality and you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck.

Brow Wand | $18.00

When it comes to brows, symmetry and thickness is everything. On one end, there is a retractable pencil with a pigmented, blendable color. On the other end, there is a brow spoolie to help you control and shape your brow hairs. The Brow Wand is perfect for those who want a natural-looking brow with a finished look.

The Brow Wand comes in three shades:

  • Chocolate – for brunettes
  • Cinnamon – has a reddish hue and is for auburn or redheads
  • Peanut Butter – has a softer hue and is for blondes or people with fair skin

The actual pencil itself has a triangular shape to it. The formula of the Brow Wand is a slightly firmer pencil. I don’t typically use pencils to fill in my brows as I usually prefer a pomade for crispness. My brows are naturally on the thinner side so I have to draw more on. This product seems like it would be best suited for someone who just needs to fill in sparse areas. The color is really beautiful though. The shade pictured is Chocolate.

Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner | $18.00

Attain wing perfection with this super pigmented, waterproof and smudge proof liner that stays on all day. The exclusive liquid felt tip applicator glides effortlessly across your lash line, making it easy to achieve a bold, dramatic style or a low key look for everyday.

The liner comes in five shades:

  • Jet Black
  • Brown
  • Hunter Green
  • Navy
  • Plum

The shade pictured is Jet Black and it truly is Jet Black. One swipe of this liner gives you full on pigment! The formula is truly waterproof and smudge proof as well. The applicator is firm but not too firm and gives you a lot of control, which is something someone like me needs because I am not the best with liquid liners. I much prefer gel liners with a brush because I have more control. I found that this one was easy to use for me. It’s really easy to create a wing too because the tip is so pointy and precise.

Brow Ink Pen | $18.00

The Brow Ink Pen allows you to create flawless, natural looking brows. Each pen features a highly pigmented, angled comb-shaped tip that creates the look of hair-like brush strokes. The Brow Ink Pen is smudge proof and won’t transfer, so your brows will look full and fabulous all day long without touch ups. The pen comes in one universally flattering shade – Chocolate.

I was very intrigued by the shape of the applicator when I first opened this product. If you’re looking to fill in your brows as naturally as possible, this pen is for you. The comb-like applicator really allows you to create and mimic actual brow hairs. This is truly a unique product and I could see this as a great tool for a beginner too.

Here are some looks and swatches:

Review, Swatches, Photos, Makeup Trend, 2019, 2020: Skone Cosmetics, Luxe Waterproof Mascara, Gems Eyeshadow, Brow Wand, Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner, Brow Ink Pen
Review, Swatches, Photos, Makeup Trend, 2019, 2020: Skone Cosmetics, Luxe Waterproof Mascara, Gems Eyeshadow, Brow Wand, Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner, Brow Ink Pen

Overall, I’m very pleased with the products I’ve tried from this brand before. I will definitely look forward to seeing new releases and hopefully trying some other products from their line!

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What Skone Cosmetics products from this review have made it to your makeup wish list?

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– Dawn Santamarina, Managing Editor

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