(Review & Swatches) The Nail Polish Art Guide: Sephora for OPI New Nail Decals, Incoco, Nail Fraud, Sally Hansen Salon Effects Strips

The past year has been a heated discussion for nail enthusiasts. From Minx that took bling to another level, to Sephora for OPI’s new Embellishment Stickers, the nail art lover has more choices now than ever before.

Sephora now even has a Nail Art display. Sephora by OPI designed an easy to read nail art guide to create the top trends within a few simple steps curated by Sophy Robson. Their is also a helpful video linked to their QR Code on the front cover of the guide. I opted for the nail bling gold leopard and even though I am not a fan of the nail stickers, I loved the results. I prefer nail polish strips as they are super easy to put on and even easier to remove with nail polish remover. These needed to be trimmed with a glass nail file and have to be soaked off in warm water. The “bling”of the nail prints is raised and it got stuck on my stockings a few times but fortunately did not rip them. There are so many fun styles to create using both the Sephora by OPI nail bling coupled with their large variety of polishes.

But how does a consumer choose between edgy companies Incocco, Nail Fraud Patterened Nail Strips, and Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips, for starters? The answer is –look at the patterns. The prices are pretty much the same (highly affordable and in the realm of $8 – $12), so the patterns and ease of use is how we would pick our strips.

Here is an overview of some of the best nail art choices on the market:

Incoco Nail Art Strips

Incoco’s Cat’s Meow (glitter)

Incoco: These nail polish appliques come in the cutest, chicest designs from the blinged up version, to the matte variety. They do leopard prints really well, otherwise most of their designs tend to be of the straight lines and circle variety, all very chic and fun. Around $8.99.

sally hansen effects nail art strips

Sally Hansen Effects Nail Art Strip in “Cut it Out”

Sally Hansen Effects Nail Art Strips: These strips are really easy to apply and file (mine took 10 minutes total), but to seal the deal and prevent them from peeling, use a base and top coat. They have cute flowery patterns in both the matte and bling variety.$9.99.

Pink Cheetah Nail Fraud Strips

Nail Fraud Strips in “Pink Cheetah”

Nail Fraud: These strips promise “instant manicures” but they don’t look as high end as Incoco or the new Sephora by OPI. They do look like stickers for your nails. That said, some of the colors and patterns are delightfully outrageous! $12.

Sephora by OPI Nail Art Stickers

Sephora by OPI

Sephora by OPI: These latest installments of nail art decals border on the bling variety (think crystals and incredibly intrinsic designs). A true thumbs up to what we think is high-end nail art. Lady Gaga could easily wear some of them, and they’ll add so much sparkle and life to your outfit. The latest decals are one step above the Chic Print for Nails: they’re true nail bling. $15 (embellishment stickers are $5).

What is your “go to” company for nail art? Tell us why, in the comments below.

Charu Suri & Nicole Gordon Levine

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