The Best of Spring/Summer 2011 Hairstyle & Haircut Trends

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area of the country where the word winter doesn’t translate into “cold, dark, depressing mess,” spring might not be at the top of your radar right now. But if your sticking out the winter doldrums like many of us, the promise of a new season—and some new trends in beauty (like our coverage of the Ombre Hair Color Streaming or the Short/Edgy Summer Haircuts)—is pretty darn exciting.

So to help get you through the next few months of frigid temperatures and snow-filled streets, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top hair trends for spring 2011. Get ready for it darlings, because these are the styles you’ll spend the next few months admiring, lusting after, and recreating at home.

Messy Hairstyles

Spring 2011 Hairstyle Trends: J Lo Messy Waves

When it comes to hair, we’ll take any excuse for laziness, so we’re digging the new messy hair trend. You know what we love the most about this trend? Its versatility.

“Messy, natural waves work well anytime you want a relaxed look, and are suitable for most occasions from a casual lunch with friends to a formal event,” says celeb stylist, Riccardo Maggiore. “The key to this style is that the hair looks effortless and ‘undone,’ regardless of how long it has actually taken to style. It’s the perfect easy and fun, yet sexy look.”

Sleek Ponytail

Spring 2011 Hairstyle Trends: Sleek Ponytail

The ponytail has always been the on-the-go gal’s best friend, so it’s no surprise that the hairstyle showed heavily on spring 2011 runway shows. This time around, the look’s a bit sleeker, but still traditional.

“The classic and practical low ponytail is great whether you’re going for a formal or a more casual look,” Maggiore says. “Although it’s simple, this hairstyle can be worn in several different ways – pulling hair straight back, combing it into a deep side part, wearing it with blunt-cut or side-swept bangs and the list goes on! If you want to get even trendier, low ponytails can easily be accessorized with a headband or small braids in the front.”

Old Hollywood glam hair

Spring 2011 Hairstyle Trends: Old Hollywood Glam Hair

What woman hasn’t drooled over the hairstyle of classical Hollywood stars? There’s just something so classic yet breathtaking about a set of vintage curls, and that’s why we’re so excited the trend’s back for spring.

“With warmer weather comes more flirty and vintage-styled hair. With bone straight hair on the outs, stylistas are adding curls reminiscent of 1930s starlets to their long tresses bring more dimension and bounce,” says Allen Edwards of LA’s Allen Edwards Hair Salon and Day Spa.

Short, cropped hair

Spring 2011 Hair Trends: Short Hair

From flirty skirts and dresses to ethereal makeup looks, spring is the perfect time to take a fun risk with your style, hair included.

“This style is very celebrity driven, with stars from Michelle Williams to Rihanna all donning short cuts. Keeping the hair short, while adding geometric shapes, flatters the shape of a woman’s face and also elongates the neck,” Edwards says. “Get creative with the cuts, like adding a flair of color allows you to express your own funky and fun personality!”

Beautiful, healthy hair

Spring 2011 Hair Trends: Healthy Hair

In our opinion, healthy translates into beautiful, and it’s no surprise that the nation’s health craze has translated into this spring’s hair trends. Bid adieu to your fried strands ladies because lush, healthy hair is in!

“The biggest trend for 2011 is beautiful healthy hair. After years of ups and downs in hair styling trends (such as the big-haired-80’s), the most important thing to having hair looking your best is to keep it nourished and healthy,” says renowned NYC hair stylist Craig Carter. “These days, there isn’t one specific hair style that celebrities and trendsetters are conforming to. We’re seeing more women embrace their natural hair and making it look its best by taking care of it with proper moisture, quality tools and protection before heating.”

Which trend are you leaning towards? Are you giving your mane a change for the New Year?

Chrissy Callahan

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